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About Us

Local Landscaping QLD Toowoomba is the leading local landscaping team in your area. When you’re ready for garden landscaping services you can count on, give us a call. All customers receive a free quote.

Local Landscaping QLD Toowoomba Co

Guarantee of Quality. When it comes to your property’s landscaping, you need to hire reliable people that you cn trust to get the job done right. Local Landscaping QLD Toowoomba has one of the best reputations locally. Our team completes landscaping work safely and properly. We bring a high level of standards to every job we book and deliver work that lasts for decades.

Customer Service. Our team is proud to construct landscaping that makes our customers says “WOW”. We aim to impress every customer with a quality garden landscape that matches their vision. We also pride ourselves on being reliable so customers don’t regret calling us. Our friendly team will answer all of your questions and is happy to help you find the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of landscaping your yard can vary considerably depending on the size of the area, how much preparation work is required (do we need to remove trees, rocks, soil, etc) and also what you have in mind. Cost of materials can vary greatly as well so the price of a project can be quite flexible if you choose designs that use cheaper materials. Overall though you could be looking at a few thousand for a super basic and small design, up to $50,000 or more for a large and detailed project.

We’ll first need to have an initial consultation and discuss what you’re looking for, depending on our availability we may be able to come up with an initial design within a few days, and then a more detailed design if you’re happy with everything, at this stage we can provide you with a fixed quote and contract and lock in a start date. Depending on our work flow we should be able to start within a few weeks, most project can be completed within a few days to a week, but it will depend on how much preparation work is required and how big and complex your project is. We also need to factor in delays such as weather or material delivery delays, so always allow extra time for it to be completed.

Absolutely, some customers know exactly what they want and others need some guidance and advice from us which is perfectly fine. It’s generally best for us to come out and assess your property first, the size, the gradient, your style of house, etc, and we’ll also tailor our suggestions to your budget. At this stage most customers are able to narrow down what they want and we can focus on the details before committing to a final design.

A newly landscaped garden can increase the value price cost of your home.