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Retaining walls are excellent addition to any landscaped garden, especially if there are slopes along the landscape. These are small walls made from rocks, stone, brick, etc. that look stylish but also play a key role in keeping the garden bed protected. You won’t have to worry about soil erosion or your garden bed falling out of place.

A lot of homeowners throughout Australia were under the impression that they wouldn’t be able to create a lovely garden because their terrain is too difficult. With the help of our expert landscapers and their talent for building and installing retaining walls,  we can make garden landscaping possible on any property.

Making the decision to have a retaining wall installed matched with stylish paving can add a lot of value to your property.

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Installing A New Retaining Wall

When it comes to installing a retaining wall, there is only one team of contractors in Toowoomba that you can trust. Local Landscaping QLD Toowomba is the top team to call when you want a retaining wall because their experience speaks for itself. You can always expect a quality project done right when you hire this team.

Every retaining wall and tiered retaining wall that our team constructs are unique to the property owner. We strive on using the best materials in the industry to build walls that match our customers’ visions. When homeowners have retaining walls built to complement their homes, they feel more encouraged to plant a stunning garden bed to impress.

Local Landscaping QLD Toowoomba goes the extra mile to make the installation process easier on the customer. We always show up when we say we will and strive to complete the job successfully in a timely manner. After all, we know your neighbors don’t want to listen to construction for days on end.

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Choosing to have a retaining wall installed is one you won’t regret, especially when you contact Local Landscaping QLD Toowoomba. We want to show you why adding a retaining wall will benefit your property and garden landscape. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of landscaping your yard can vary considerably depending on the size of the area, how much preparation work is required (do we need to remove trees, rocks, soil, etc) and also what you have in mind. Cost of materials can vary greatly as well so the price of a project can be quite flexible if you choose designs that use cheaper materials. Overall though you could be looking at a few thousand for a super basic and small design, up to $50,000 or more for a large and detailed project.

We’ll first need to have an initial consultation and discuss what you’re looking for, depending on our availability we may be able to come up with an initial design within a few days, and then a more detailed design if you’re happy with everything, at this stage we can provide you with a fixed quote and contract and lock in a start date.

Depending on our work flow we should be able to start within a few weeks, most project can be completed within a few days to a week, but it will depend on how much preparation work is required and how big and complex your project is. We also need to factor in delays such as weather or material delivery delays, so always allow extra time for it to be completed.

Absolutely, some customers know exactly what they want and others need some guidance and advice from us which is perfectly fine. It’s generally best for us to come out and assess your property first, the size, the gradient, your style of house, etc, and we’ll also tailor our suggestions to your budget. At this stage most customers are able to narrow down what they want and we can focus on the details before committing to a final design.

A newly landscaped garden can increase the value price cost of your home.